terence coventry-9754This spring marks five years since gallery Director and Curator Ylenia Haase took ownership of the New Craftsman Gallery, and with it the celebrated history and future expectations of the St Ives arts community, to whom this historic gallery really belongs.

Still one of the most important spaces for contemporary artists in Cornwall, having nurtured the reputations of St Ives School artists such as Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, Bryan Winter, Patrick Heron and Peter Lanyon, we continue to showcase original works by emerging Cornish artists, and bringing the gallery successfully to its 50th Anniversary year in 2012 has meant balancing its modernist legacy with demand for a new generation of contemporary artists.

As a result, deciding on our annual programme of exhibitions is both a delight and a challenge. One of our biggest decisions here at NC is selecting artists for the prestigious September Festival Exhibition, when arts lovers from across Europe stream into St Ives for a cultural fortnight of art, music and performance. Selecting artists has taken a lot of reading, thinking, debating and indulging ourselves in reams of artwork images – and as usual we are spoilt for choice down here in West Cornwall. Far too much talent available. Who to select …..?

Well at last, with great excitement – and yes, some pride – we’ve finalised our 2013 September Festival show. Throughout September the white plinths and slate floor space of  NC will be given over to the sculpture of internationally respected artist Terence Coventry (Royal College of Art) and our walls will be graced by the dramatic paintings of Judy Buxton (Royal Academy School London). Paintings by Jeremy Annear, Jewellery by Guy Royle and ceramics by Elspeth Owen will also be on show. This will be a Festival show rich in weighty, textured, metal hued painting and sculpture, further complemented by the exquisite drawings of both Coventry and Buxton. Buxton’s equine, still life and landscape paintings, rich with palette knife texture and tones of rust, gold, copper, silver and grey will provide a beautiful backdrop to Coventry’s powerful, figurative bronze and steel sculptures of birds, cattle, dogs, horses and human figures.

An exhibition of some weight, wouldn’t you say?

Judy Buxton

Images: Sculpture by Terence Coventry. Painting by Judy Buxton.

Terence Coventry and Judy Buxton will be on show from 14th September. For more information go to http://www.newcraftsmanstives.com