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ADAM BUICK Cornish Series_edited-1

Landscape has always been an abiding theme in the arts, in painting most obviously, but in today’s art world previously divergent ideas and disciplines now merge with increasing confidence in the making of new works.

This month artist Adam Buick, on show as part of our spring exhibition, brings ceramics and landscape together in a ‘Cornish Series’ of spellbindingly lovely pieces which demonstrate this disconcerting mix of subject and medium. Exploring ideas around the resource heritage of Cornwall’s rich landscape, his works incorporate minerals, rocks and clay from the Cornish countryside using ‘a single pure jar form as a canvas to map my observations’. Reflecting both visual and tactile ideas of ‘place’, Buick’s work is strongly embedded in the subjective study of landscape and for this exhibition each piece draws upon the geological drama of West Cornwall and St.Ives.

In his large scale Moonjars, sheer weight combines with endless spherical surface and dark inner depth to evoke the sure and boundless breadth of the Cornish landscape. They are reassuringly strong and peaceful, like the earth beneath our feet, like a moment alone and at one with the great outdoors. By contrast, his elegant miniature works, held roundly in the palm of your hand, evoke the light solidity of a beach pebble, the playful weight of a skimming stone, in colours and textures that speak of shifting, prettily patterned sand, of grit and ore and the clean cut of industry through solid rock. Each a self-contained experience of landscape on multiple levels, as a collection they tell the story of Cornwall at its very core.

Image: Adam Buick, Cornish Series miniatures

Journey Jar

This evening sees the opening of our much anticipated Easter exhibition, so we’re busy putting the final touches to our show as St Ives’ long awaited half term visitors grace Fore Street and the town gets back into its busy seasonal swing.

We’re incredibly proud to be showing the work of ceramicist Adam Buick, who has exhibited regularly at NC for the past four years and in 2013 was nominated for the prestigious Jerwood Makers Prize. And as if having this year’s most high profile British maker at NC wasn’t enough, Adam has created an exclusive collection for our show using Cornish materials including China Clay from Tresowen and Doble’s clay pit St.Agnes, granite dust from Castle-an-Dinas Quarry and metal ore from Porthtowan. We think Buick’s Korean inspired Moon Jars – whether two feet tall or small enough to fit in the palm of your hand – are among the most beautiful ceramics on the arts scene today.

Accompanying him is another of the UKs most celebrated craftsmen, whose talent with hot glass has made his London Glassblowing Studio one of the most influential glass studios in the world. Peter Layton’s distinctive, richly coloured works exude real passion and are dazzling here on show in the early spring sunshine. Layton’s spirited pieces are set against a new collection of works by well-loved St Ives artist Emma Jeffryes, whose paintings are filled with all the contrasting splash and serenity of life here on St Ives bay. All three of these outstanding artists will be at our Private View party tonight along with our many friends and clients, and we’ll be launching our 2014 season in style!

We’ve lots to look forward to this year, with forthcoming shows by painters Lucie Bray, Neil Davies and Matthew Lanyon, ceramicists Akiko Hirai, Chris Keenan and Matthew Chambers and craftsmen Guy Royle and Breon O’casey among others. And while we are on the subject of extraordinary talent – take a look at this video of the work of Rebecca McDonald, who thrilled us with the most spectacular exhibition here at NC in December. We dare you not to fall in love with her as much as we have!

Image /  Adam Buick, Moon Jar from the Cornish Series


Its Christmas at last! And Christmas in St Ives is a glittery affair so we’re feeling terribly festive. Our winter Private View was a wonderful night, and so Under the Wild Stars, an exhibition of felt sculpture by up and coming artist Rebecca McDonald is now on show.

As visitors to our previous two December’s Barbara Keal and Mid Century/MODERN exhibitions will know, we like to turn heads with our annual Christmas show, and we’ve never shown anything quite like this before. Completely original and fabulously dramatic, Rebecca’s installation of wild bears, mountain lions, winter birds and howling, prowling wolves is proving quite a draw, thrilling children just as much our art loving adult clients. And of course we all have our favourites here at NC. Every gorgeous piece is such a charming character it’s hard to see each one go! This fabulous winter wonderland of work is complemented by a collection of really exquisite drawings by Samuel Winterbourn, of wild foxes, hares and deer, each a breathtaking example of detail and artistic devotion.

Rebecca McDonald will be sharing the very specific skill of hand felting at a special one day workshop on Sunday the 12th of January. Hosted by St Ives School of Painting in the atmospheric Porthmeor Studios, students will be introduced to the possibilities of sculpting with wool to create their own miniature creature.

After what we hope will be an indulgent New Year, we’ll be turning our attention to our 2014 exhibition schedule, but were not going to let you in on its secrets just yet! What we can share however, with some pride, is that March sees an exhibition of work by 2013 Jerwood Makers Open nominee Adam Buick, world renowned glassmaker and founder of London Glassblowing Peter Layton, and popular St Ives painter Emma Jeffryes.

Until then we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

With love from all at NC