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Landscape Study 2012 - Green over Gold for WPress

Anyone with an eye on the 21st century crafts scene cannot fail to have noticed the rise and rise of contemporary glass. No longer considered merely the stuff of kitsch, glass has reinvented itself and is leading the way in design led craft, a phenomenon that can be traced back to the installation of Dale Chihuly’s awe inspiring V&A Chandelier in 1999.

Having recently exhibited the work of Peter Layton, the founder of Bermondsey’s London Glassblowing studio and one of the world’s most respected hot-glass artists, this summer we are proud to welcome glass making duo Stephen Gillies & Kate Jones, whose work is also included in the permanent collection of the V&A. Gillies’ considerable ability as a glassmaker is enhanced by the decorative work of his partner Jones, who trained originally as a painter and has adapted this skill to mark making on glass, and from 26 July to 31 August you can see their most recent collection of work right here at New Craftsman.

The history of glassmaking goes back to Mesopotamia in around 3500 BCE and throughout the centuries owning luxurious, artisan glassware has been a mark of status and privilege. Certainly every piece of Gillies Jones glass we’ve unwrapped and displayed for the opening of our summer exhibition has the feel of a rare and precious object and so, soaked in St Ives’ famous clear north light and enhanced by our current run of glorious summer sunshine, Gillies Jones glass will be lighting up the gallery alongside the work of Penwith landscape painter Neil Davies, potter Chris Keenan and artist Jane Reeves.

You can learn more about Stephen Gillies & Kate Jones in the following short film by clicking here

Landscape Study Lavander over Pink for WPress

Image top: Landscape Study – Green Over Gold, Gillies Jones

Image above: Landscape Study – Lavender Over Pink, Gillies Jones


NDavies Perched on the Edge Above Crashing Waves

Summer has finally arrived here in St Ives! And as our fantastic Lucie Bray exhibition comes to an end its time to rehang for our much anticipated summer exhibition by exceptional west cornwall landscape painter Neil Davies. 2013 marks Neil fourth solo show here at NC and we are extremely proud to include him amongst NCs key artists. This year we’re a little nervous. During the final day of hanging in 2012 we unexpectedly sold almost half of the forty paintings on show, and so the Private View that evening was already awash with red dots. Buyers from Europe and London telephoned to snap up Neil’s fabulous works quicker than we could unpack them, but all were kind enough to allow them to stay at NC for the duration of the show.

The paintings in this year’s show, Braving the Elements, promise to be just as exciting. Having lived and painted in Cornwall full time since 2000, Neil’s has established himself as one of Cornwalls finest landscape artist. His dramatic, often huge, semi abstracted oil works have a vibrant energy borne of Davies powerful brush and knife work, and the skilful use of classic oil techniques. Alongside these are a collection of exquisitely rendered landscape sketches which demonstrate the breadth of davies artistic ability. We’re expecting a full house at next Saturday’s opening night, and are looking forward to the usual bubbly, champagne truffles and great company.

Accompanying the exhibition will be a showcase of contemporary ceramics by Tanya Gomez, whose elegantly sculptural functional pottery is hand thrown from fine porcelain and glazed in palette of glossy rainbow hues. There will also be a showcase of seascapes by fused glass artists Jane Reeves.

Images: Perched on Cliffs above Crashing Waves by Neil Davies

Neil Davies, Tanya Gomez and Jane Reeves will be on show from 13th July. For more information go to