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Its Christmas at last! And Christmas in St Ives is a glittery affair so we’re feeling terribly festive. Our winter Private View was a wonderful night, and so Under the Wild Stars, an exhibition of felt sculpture by up and coming artist Rebecca McDonald is now on show.

As visitors to our previous two December’s Barbara Keal and Mid Century/MODERN exhibitions will know, we like to turn heads with our annual Christmas show, and we’ve never shown anything quite like this before. Completely original and fabulously dramatic, Rebecca’s installation of wild bears, mountain lions, winter birds and howling, prowling wolves is proving quite a draw, thrilling children just as much our art loving adult clients. And of course we all have our favourites here at NC. Every gorgeous piece is such a charming character it’s hard to see each one go! This fabulous winter wonderland of work is complemented by a collection of really exquisite drawings by Samuel Winterbourn, of wild foxes, hares and deer, each a breathtaking example of detail and artistic devotion.

Rebecca McDonald will be sharing the very specific skill of hand felting at a special one day workshop on Sunday the 12th of January. Hosted by St Ives School of Painting in the atmospheric Porthmeor Studios, students will be introduced to the possibilities of sculpting with wool to create their own miniature creature.

After what we hope will be an indulgent New Year, we’ll be turning our attention to our 2014 exhibition schedule, but were not going to let you in on its secrets just yet! What we can share however, with some pride, is that March sees an exhibition of work by 2013 Jerwood Makers Open nominee Adam Buick, world renowned glassmaker and founder of London Glassblowing Peter Layton, and popular St Ives painter Emma Jeffryes.

Until then we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

With love from all at NC


03_Taking Tea_35 x 35cmThe year is drawing to an end here in Cornwall. The September Festival is over and as St Ives winds down for a winter of purple skies and rolling green ocean we are settling in and setting up for our fabulous end of year shows. It’s a pretty cathartic time for us here at NC as we take stock of a busy year and make plans for our 2014 season, with the Hot Pod fired up and hot chocolates (courtesy of Fore Street’s Yellow Canary Café) in hand.

On show now until mid November is an outstanding collection of work by acclaimed painter and member of the Royal Society of British Artists Colin Orchard. Orchard’s highly contemporary work is strongly influenced by Impressionist painter Walter Sickert and Jean-Edouard Vuillard, an original member of the Nabis, together with Bonnard and Roussel, and we’re feeling quite continental here on our beautiful gallery space amongst Orchard’s stylish portraits and European landscapes.

The twist in these Impressionist style works is their subtly contemporary content: look past the parasols, posed couples and shady plane trees and you’ll see the hoodie, the traffic light, the military checkpoint. Orchard’s collection of fictitious portraits in imaginary settings and paintings of Venice, Cornwall, London and Suffolk are an inspired combination of 21st Century subject matter and fin-de-siecle painting.  Set against Joanna Wason’s Mycean inspired sculpture, they make a perfect – and perfectly tranquil autumn show.

Next month we’ll be picking up the pace again with the indulgent drama of installation artist Rebecca McDonalds Under The Wild Stars exhibition, which will see the New Craftsman transformed into a winter wonderland of frozen mountains and wild creatures. There will also be a collection of drawings by Samuel Winterbourn. We cant wait for the sparkle and fizz of the December Private View! And we’re delighted at the prospect of spending Christmas in the high romantic mountains, without even leaving NC.

COLIN ORCHARD : IN TIME AND PLACE runs until 16th November.

double image copyUNDER THE WILD STARS will be on show from 5th Dec to 10th Jan.

For more information go to

ImageWell last Saturdays PV was a great success! It was so incredibly busy we could hardly see the artworks but all of our wonderful clients and contemporary art fans from across the area were there to see the work of sculptor Terence Coventry, painters Jeremy Annear and Judy Buxton, jeweller Guy Royle and ceramicist Elspeth Owen.

Particularly popular were Coventry’s huge goat sculptures in the window of NC, the biggest pieces on show, and we are thrilled to say that four days into the exhibition BOTH have sold to a buyer with a discerning eye for outdoor sculpture.

So, dear art lovers, press your nose against our window and weep! These two fine bronze works have found their home. Many thanks to their new owner who has allowed us to keep them on display for the duration of the show.

Other utterly fabulous works are still available. The exhibition will run until 12th October.

For more information go to

terence coventry-9754This spring marks five years since gallery Director and Curator Ylenia Haase took ownership of the New Craftsman Gallery, and with it the celebrated history and future expectations of the St Ives arts community, to whom this historic gallery really belongs.

Still one of the most important spaces for contemporary artists in Cornwall, having nurtured the reputations of St Ives School artists such as Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, Bryan Winter, Patrick Heron and Peter Lanyon, we continue to showcase original works by emerging Cornish artists, and bringing the gallery successfully to its 50th Anniversary year in 2012 has meant balancing its modernist legacy with demand for a new generation of contemporary artists.

As a result, deciding on our annual programme of exhibitions is both a delight and a challenge. One of our biggest decisions here at NC is selecting artists for the prestigious September Festival Exhibition, when arts lovers from across Europe stream into St Ives for a cultural fortnight of art, music and performance. Selecting artists has taken a lot of reading, thinking, debating and indulging ourselves in reams of artwork images – and as usual we are spoilt for choice down here in West Cornwall. Far too much talent available. Who to select …..?

Well at last, with great excitement – and yes, some pride – we’ve finalised our 2013 September Festival show. Throughout September the white plinths and slate floor space of  NC will be given over to the sculpture of internationally respected artist Terence Coventry (Royal College of Art) and our walls will be graced by the dramatic paintings of Judy Buxton (Royal Academy School London). Paintings by Jeremy Annear, Jewellery by Guy Royle and ceramics by Elspeth Owen will also be on show. This will be a Festival show rich in weighty, textured, metal hued painting and sculpture, further complemented by the exquisite drawings of both Coventry and Buxton. Buxton’s equine, still life and landscape paintings, rich with palette knife texture and tones of rust, gold, copper, silver and grey will provide a beautiful backdrop to Coventry’s powerful, figurative bronze and steel sculptures of birds, cattle, dogs, horses and human figures.

An exhibition of some weight, wouldn’t you say?

Judy Buxton

Images: Sculpture by Terence Coventry. Painting by Judy Buxton.

Terence Coventry and Judy Buxton will be on show from 14th September. For more information go to

tree headIt is always wonderful when the long, damp days of our Cornish winter show the first signs of turning to spring. The turquoise and grey landscape gives way to a stream of warm air from the south, and the sudden blossoming of sea-pinks and painted camelias.

And as we at NC busy ourselves with new artworks and rehangs, our first show of the season holds a special excitement and a restored appreciation for the jewel like beauty of the West Cornwall landscape. Spring is here, pouring colour back into St Ives, and this year the works in our Easter exhibition, which brings together three of the South West’s finest painters and craftspeople, are united in their vibrant use of colour.

Ceramicist Jane Muir’s warmly amusing and beautifully crafted figures are brought to life by a palette of rainbow colours, detailed across each surface with precision and a lightness of touch. Blue birds, green butterflies, yellow flowers and a dash of wry humour reflect the season’s optimism. Emma Jeffryes’ multicoloured paintings of St Ives town and harbour not only define the gulf stream explosion of flowers, ocean colours and glowing light that Easter brings, but also the onset of our bustling Cornwall season and some longed for summer sunshine. And artist and craftsman Paul Anderson’s powerful, sculptural furniture is lifted here and there by incongruous strips of vivid colour. They mimic, in a way,  the odd mix of industrial might and seaside prettiness in St Ives harbour, and the striped primary colours of its heavy, working boats.

John Ruskin wrote that “The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love colour the most” …….. well we are pure of mind and bright of mood here at NC, ready for a lively season of exhibitions, private views, breezy lunch-runs and sun-hot strolls home after a hard days encounter with colour.

Other colours in store for our 2013 season are: the energetic blues and greens of painter Lucie Bray, the earthy ochres and indigos of ceramicist Sarah Purvey, the ominously beautiful purples and golds of painter Neil Davies, the glossy rainbows of potter Tanya Gomez and the light defeating metal hues of sculptor Terence Coventry.

Image: Garden With Birds by Jane Muir

Jane Muir, Emma Jeffryes & Paul Anderson will be on show from 30th March to 11th May. For more information go to